Wednesday, 25 July 2012

StumbleUpon Tips & Tricks

StumbleUpon  SEO Tips


StumbleUpon allows you discover exciting and new internet sites.Stumble upon is an remarkable way to targeted visitors your website. StumbleUpon allows your Websites obtain the visitors and traffic. Using StumbleUpon is very easy just  download the toolbar and start stumbling. StumbleUpon will show you sites based on Stumblers with similar passions and people that you follow.You may have interest for sites like cooking, technology, fashion or sports information.StumbleUponwill platform your passions,Likes and Dislikes.StumbleUpon is social networking site where we can rate websites by means of a easy thumbs up or thumbs down button on on a toolbar of your browser.

StumbleUpon Tips & Tricks

Start to Stumble:

1.   StumbleUpon toolbar is very simple and easy to use. Download the StumbleUpon toolbar Choose browser you like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

2.   Go to Profile and make your profile just fill out your information, your interest and your website in things you want to stumble.

3.    Make friends find your friends on Facebook, Twitter or your email accounts that are already stumblers. If u find any web page that interests you, just click on the “I like It!(thumbs up) button.

4.    Make sure to click on “like” so that StumbleUpon can start to find out what your interests are.

5.    StumbleUpon considers repeat stumbling to be spamming, so always stumble other pages as often as your own. 

6.    Stumble ten other sites for every one page of your own.Suggest others Stumble your page if they like it. Follow your friends, family members, fellow bloggers that have similar interests.

7. Follow other StumbleUpon friends, which means they can follow you. Your StumbleUpon toolbar will also allow you to stumble other WebPages that your friend has "liked".

8.  When you start following a person going to their StumbleUpons profile and clicking on “Follow” on the right side, you should also click on the box that comes up below, which is acceptshares.” If you and the person that person both follow each other and have both clicked that box, there is a very easy way to share websites most effective way to get traffic to your site.

9.    If you like any of the post just click “I like it.” then simply Share and Stumble it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

10. Don’t  Stumble Your Own Content  and be an Active Stumbler and do not stumble posts from same  website more than twice a day.

11. StumbleUpon drives the best traffic to a particular webpage when the account of the Stumbler is an active member of the StumbleUpon community so if you want to gain traffic from StumbleUpon, you MUST Stumble frequently and must be part of the community. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Digg SEO Tips

Promote your website through Digg


Digg is the most popular content sharing and social news site. Digg drive lot of traffic to your website. Digg helps you to find interesting posts and sharing submissions. Digg is social networking website help you to promote your links.

Digg methodology is  very simple  just  Join through Facebook account or with Twitter or by using your email address. Submit your posts by clicking “ Submit Link “ and submit a story by entering the URL  with short description by selecting appropriate category that page fits in. Once you have selected your category enter the code at the bottom and follow the rest of the pages to complete your story upload.

Digg seo tips

Each and every submission is start for all Digg users and other users can dig and hide those submissions. Most of the submissions are content which has a very high come of back links.Digg is a social networking site used to set up your network of buddies who can help you enhance your links.

Publish useful articles to the area of interest you desired to promote. Upgrade your website with exciting content often so that you can auto-submit content to Digg by including an RSS to your site. Digg pages are extremely rated in Google. When guests find the pages you published, they can easily click through to your website which gives you immediate traffic.

Monday, 9 July 2012

SEO Article Submissions

Articles For SEO

Article submission is one of the most well-known and one of the first link-building methods known to the SEO. A article is made up of certain elements arranged into a structure. A huge number of articles are being presented to article directories by SEO professionals to increase the back links of the website .It is very important that we get top quality back links for our web page  and content distribution was used as one of the major link-building techniques. Article submission generally is the term for the writing of content that are appropriate to online sites and then getting them added to the well-known article submission directories.

article submission sites

                              Article Submission 

Article Submission:

To do article submissions first gather a complete list of  article marketing sites and start signing up for your no cost consideration. Submit your articles after you sign up for your free account. The articles that you publish will have a title, body building, summary in some cases and writer source written text. So you will have to follow the recommendations closely so that you get your backlinks for your web page through your syndication. There is no use submitting to hundreds of writing and article marketing sites without getting your articles approved. With  article submissions we get lots of visitors to your website and  able to increase your organic visitors count using article submissions.Apply article submissions to get permanent one way links for your website. 

Tips for Writing good Article :
  1. Introduction of an Article very essential because individuals starts studying this great article from the top. So our first passage should sum up what our article is going to be about.
  2.  The body of our article should make our users happy and make feel that they have got what they are searching for. Do not create too much content create only which is essential message to be presented and try to add good pictures .
  3. Name article must be effective and see that title of our article should contain main search term. Use keywords and words in the title and always keep the title of your article short.
  4.  Recognize your viewers. And know whom you’re writing for and why they should study it. Keep in mind about the starting passage of your article just like the title, this is what exactly is going to get individuals to to read on your article.
  5. Use bulleted list.Bulleted list are simple to check out and study. Use sub-headers.
  6.  Use HTML tags to emphasize a term in strong or in italics or to underline a term, create use of the correct HTML tag. In the same way, create use of HTML tags for your sub-headings.
  7. Before you publish a article you must verify the spellings and phrase structure of the writing. To check: (a) Type your article in a Word document(b) Go to beginning of your written text. (c)Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your screen. (d) Go to Punctuation and Grammar.
  8.  Create search engine friendly URLs  and avoid this type of urls  for  example which is not search engine friendly.
  9. Summary of the article is very much essential you should be able to express what they have study in the whole article and few essential words to be recalled by individuals. Concluding part of our article must ensure that our goal is obtained and the user feels a perspective to discover more of details about products or services we are offering.

Benefits of article submission :

  1. Article submissions can improve the ranking and quantity of back links and PR.
  2. By offering useful details and information within articles, it creates the believe in of clients there by providing them a reason to visit your web page.            

Top 10 Article Directories list: