Pay Per Click (PPC)    

PPC is also known as Pay-per-click advertising.PPC is form of online advertising. when visitors simply select an advertisement they are directed to an advertiser’s website, and the advertiser pays for each visitor on per click on basis.Clicks can be from anywhere depending upon the factors like key term cost is determined.

Google Pay per Click promotion called Google Adwords is the most popular online advertising. For example when Look for website optimization individual types some key phrase which is applicable for your business and if you are bidding on that same key phrase then your text has a chance to be displayed in listings. If visitors clicks your text add then only you are charged.

PPC is the best way for sites to appear in top on results pages by paying the the search engine to display their results in queries. Paid results will always occur at the top of a page in the right hand column. PPC is the best way of purchasing links on search engine results.  


PPC main Factors:

  1.  Try to do bidding process on high number of relevant keywords.
  2. Always try to provide appropriate information for visitors who will click on your text ads.
  3. Try to do enough of bidding process for each keywords so that your text ad appears Wherever it will be seen and visited.
  4. Analysis your target audience and build the strategy which is very focused.
  5. Be cautious in using perfection of measurements and examining of results.

PPC Benefits

  1. PPC is the best way to generate ads very easily.
  2. PPC provides high visitors to your website and very efficient for aggressive keywords to get in top natural list.
  3. Revenue (ROI) is commonly monitored.
  4. PPC campaigns offer complete website search engine optimization and the keywords find will be very good go with for your website.  
pay per click

Tips to a Successful Campaign

  1. Keywords analysis is very important in PPC always try to have well described keyword strategy which will decide which key phrases to bid for and which keywords to boost.
  2. Monitor and test success for about a month then we will have good idea which keywords are working and which is not.
  3. Extend the campaign and you can move out your campaign to other services.

PPC Programs

  1. Google AdWord
  2. Microsoft(MSN) adCenter publisher affiliate program
  3. Yahoo Search Marketing
  4. Chitika affiliate