Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest team declared the rolling out of a long-awaited new feature Pinterest Web Analytics on Tuesday March 12, 2013. Pinterest Web Analytics offers you insights into the sort of activity the content of your web site generates on the visual social network. The tool shows you ways how many have pinned or repinned your videos and photos. Pinterest Web Analytics helps you find out how many people pinned from your web site, seeing your pins, and clicking your content. To get to your analytics, click Analytics within the top-right menu below your name and make sure you’ve verified your web site .Pinterest is that the image-based, social info sharing site has been one among the fastest-growing network .Pinterest created analytics to assist those businesses and people live what's occurring until today, lots of third-party services have emerged to try to to simply that. 

Pinterest web analytics
Pinterest Web Analytics

With Pinterest Web Analytics you will get to check no of Pins and Pinners, the amount of repins and repinners, the amount of impressions and reach, the amount of clicks and guests. All this data would be given within the style of a graph. Web Analytics is simply out there to users with business accounts. So, the primary step is to set up your business account which is very easy to create in three simple steps.

  1. Create your business account which helps others to discover your business on pinterest.

  2. Verify your website on Pinterest to show pinners you’re a genuine source.

  3. Add Pin It button to your website/blog which is easy to pin and start analyzing.


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  2. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing. Just a quick question - in your opinion, is using Pinterest Web Analytics a user friendly tool like the popular ones (Google analystics, ColibriTool, Keyword Checker, etc...)?
    Thanks in advance and for the informational post.

    1. Yes it is very useful tool now Pinterest introduces web analytics to assist website owners in understanding what kind of images interest people and you will come to know how many people pinned from your website, what percentage of people saw those pins.

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